About Us

Meal Delivery Services have burst onto the scene becoming one of the fastest growing industries online today. This flood of popularity has brought a myriad of new meal providers to market. There’s no question that the idea of having delicious ready to cook foods delivered fresh to your door is a wonderful service, but who do you choose? 

MealDeliveryReviewer.com is here to help you navigate the choice of choosing a meal delivery service. Our experienced staff and chef’s have done the work reviewing each delivery service on MDR from the online experience all the way to your tastebuds and have scored each using our 8 point rating system. But don’t just listen to us, we also encourage and include customer feedback of each company where real customers can speak their mind about their meal delivery experience and provide a score from 1 – 10 on the overall performance of the provider. Not only that, but the customer experience score is incorporated into each companies overall rank has a heavily weighted criteria.

MDR’s Mission

MealDeliveryReviewer.com’s mission is to help you make the best choice on how to feed yourself and your family. We realize that cooking and eating should be fun, entertaining, simple, and satisfying and have built our review platform to critique each of our providers with that goal in mind. Here you can see side by side comparisons on which providers really shine and which fall short to help you make the best decision for you and your family.

Have recommendations or thoughts on our ranking system? We love feedback! Please email us at info@mealdeliveryreviewer.com with any ideas you have about our scoring, reviews, website, or general questions.