Our Rating System

At MealDerliveryReviewer.com it is our job to give you the most information possible to help you pick a great meal delivery provider to feed you and your family. The meal delivery space has exploded onto the scene seeing growth of over 10 times in the past 18 months making it one of the fastest growing industries today. With this growth comes more meal delivery providers and more options for you! We do our best in tasting, testing, and rating each company to help you pick what works best for you.

8 Point Rating System

Our 8 point rating system looks at each critical factor that you would and should consider when picking someone to deliver your meals. Each factor is weighted based on its level of importance in the decision making process so that when a company fails or succeeds in a very important area, that score has a major affect on their overall rating. Conversely, if a company fails or succeeds at a less important area, their score is not affected as dramatically. Additionally, we include customer reviews as one of our 8 factors where user reviews, and the user provided score, of each company is factored in and affects the overall rating.

  • Plans & Pricing: 15%

    Anyone shopping for any service is concerned about price at some level. It’s a critical factor to any buying decision. We look at not only the cost of each meal delivery company but also the different options they have for subscriptions and flexibility in ordering. The Plans & Pricing category holds a 15% weight making it the 3rd highest weighted category in our rating system.

  • Taste: 18%

    At MealDeliveryReviewer.com, it’s all about the Taste! If a providers meals don’t taste great, then they shouldn’t be rated highly. However, if their food taste amazing then their score should soar! Because of this, the Taste category holds a 18% weight making it the 2nd highest weighted category in our rating system.

  • Food Quality: 11%

    We all want to make sure that the food we’re putting in our bodies is good for us and comes from a good place. Our Food Quality rating looks at the visual quality of the food you receive as well as the quality of the source of food. The Food Quality category holds a 11% weight making it the 5th highest weighted category in our rating system.

  • Menu Options: 13%

    We all want options when it comes to our food. So a meal delivery provider should give us plenty or them when putting together our orders. When reviewing Menu Options, we look at things like culture variety, vegetarian options, proteins, etc. The Menu Options category holds a 13% weight making it the 4th highest weighted category in our rating system.

  • Recipes: 9%

    Anyone who’s used a meal delivery provider before knows that the recipes and recipe cards are the holy grail of creating a delicious meal. But you likely haven’t so we provide a score on how well thought out and thorough their recipes are in helping customers create delicious meals. The Recipes category holds a 9% weight making it the 7th highest weighted category in our rating system.

  • Additional Services: 5%

    Many meal delivery providers offer value adds on like wine, cookware, prep tools, or cookbooks. For those looking for a well rounded provider who offers more than just meals, the Additional Services rating will hold high stock with them. The Additional Services category holds a 8% weight making it the 8th highest weighted category in our rating system.

  • Customer Experience: 10%

    There’s not much better advice than that of your peers, so we’ve included their comments and feedback into our rating system. However, we know that when it comes to food, people can often be extremely picky. Knowing this we’ve limited the Customer Experience category to a 15% weight making it the 6th highest weighted category in our rating system.

  • Chef's Review: 20%

    When you’re looking to make a decision, who better than to take advice from then an expert and in this case our expert Chefs. We’ve reviewed every single provider and know how each of them stack up against each other in the same kitchen with the same cooks. There’s no better illustration of meal delivery provider quality than our Chef’s Review rating which is why this category holds a 20% weight making it the #1 weighted category in our rating system.

Have recommendations or thoughts on our ranking system? We love feedback! Please email us at info@mealdeliveryreviewer.com with any ideas you have about our scoring, reviews, website, or general questions.