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Chef's Review

Green Chef Review

Green Chef is a USDA-certified Organic meal kit delivery company headquartered in Aurora, Colorado. Green Chef’s goal according to CEO and Founder Michael Joseph is to “bring people back to the dinner table in a modern way” and they are doing so by offering a variety of meal delivery options meant to overcome many dietary restrictions. If you’re vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free or are looking for PALEO friendly options then Green Chef might be just what you’re looking for.

What We Like

We like that green chef is shipping (mostly) certified organic food to your door, 95% of it to be exact. We also like how they support people with dietary restrictions by offering plans like PALEO and Vegan in addition to the now standard options in the meal kit delivery industry.

We decided to embark on a Vegetarian adventure and really put Green Chef’s specialized meal plans and organic ingredients to the test by preparing White Bean Cakes with Mint-pea pesto, roasted asparagus and spring salad. The combination of flavors worked well together, the portion size was just right and we were able to complete our recipe in under 30 minutes.

What We Don’t Like

We were surprised at how many ingredients came pre-prepped and though some might consider it a huge plus, we feel it takes away from the experience. Green Chef clearly allocates a significant amount resources into pre-preparing and packaging ingredients. This might seem like a great thing but some ingredients (like our pre-chopped onion) had less color and moisture than a freshly chopped onion would.

A typical Green Chef meal kit created much more waste than we typically see. The additional packaging you receive with Green Chef when compared to some of the competition is significant. The containers used are good quality but perhaps not good enough for re-use. Some of the organic ingredient magic was lost due to this pre-prepped process.

The Bottom Line

We like Green Chef overall because they offer plans that meet special dietary needs. The USDA-certified organic ingredients are also a plus even though we disagree with some of the extra processing Green Chef does by default. The recipes were well written and proved to be accurate. Green Chef was also one of few meal delivery kit providers we’ve tested that allowed us to complete recipes in less than the time estimated to complete. Green Chef is a great option (maybe the best) for those with dietary restrictions and the desire to bring their family back to the dinner table.

Plans & Pricing

Green Chef Meal Plans & Pricing

Green Chef is a subscription-based program with the option to start, stop, or suspend shipments at any time. Those who choose Green Chef for meal delivery never have to make a commitment to the company or its weekly meals, which is stated directly on the company’s homepage.

“No commitments ever. Skip weeks when you want to.”

Home chefs (of all skill levels) are able to change or cancel their meal subscription settings once an account has been opened. However, a delivery must be canceled before the weekly cutoff time to ensure that the buyer is not charged, and the meal is not shipped. The cutoff time is always 12 p.m. EST, seven days before the scheduled delivery date.

Our Green Chef review revealed that plans can be tailored to suit the lifestyle of the customer. Meals range from those with meat and fish to Paleo, vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free options. The plans can be adjusted to accommodate two, four, or six people. The pre-packaged family plans for four people include two boxes per week, and the pre-packaged family plans for six people include three boxes per week.

The wide range of plans and the ability to accommodate families (or groups of diners) makes Green Chef a convenient option for those adhering to specific diets. Many other meal delivery companies do not offer vegan, gluten-free, or Paleo options.

Omnivore Meal Plan

This plan includes a balanced, seasonal mix of ingredients, including vegetable and meat-based dishes. It’s the standard, most popular menu, and the price is $11.99 per meal. The plan includes three weekly meals per person, depending on whether you choose the two, three, or four-person plan. The shipping cost is $9 per box.

Omnivore Meal Plan Specifics

  • People Fed: 2, 4, or 6
  • Total Dinners: 3
  • Price Per Meal: $11.99
  • Price Per Week: $71.94 (2-person), $143.88 (4-person), $215.82 (6-person)
  • Shipping: $9 (2-person), $18 (4-person), $27 (6-person)
  • Total Weekly Cost: $80.94 (2-person), $161.88 (4-person), $242.82 (6-person)

Vegetarian Meal Plan

This plan includes diverse vegetable-based dishes for couples or families that are vegetarian, or those who simply want to try Green Chef’s vegetarian meals. At $10.49 per meal, home cooks receive three weekly meals per person. Shipping is the same $9 per box.

Vegetarian Meal Plan Specifics

  • People Fed: 2, 4, or 6
  • Total Dinners: 3
  • Price Per Meal: $10.49
  • Price Per Week: $62.94 (2-person), $125.88 (4-person), $188.82 (6-person)
  • Shipping: $9 (2-person), $18 (4-person), $27 (6-person)
  • Total Weekly Cost: $71.94 (2-person), $143.88 (4-person) , $215.82 (6-person)

Carnivore Meal Plan

Nourishing meat-based meals sourced from the land and sea. At $13.49 per meal, this is one of the more costly Green Chef meal plans. The plan includes three weekly meals per person, and shipping is $9 per box.

Carnivore Meal Plan Specifics

  • People Fed: 2, 4, or 6
  • Total Dinners: 3
  • Price Per Meal: $13.49
  • Price Per Week: $80.94 (2-person), $161.88 (4-person), $242.82 (6-person)
  • Shipping: $9 (2-person), $18 (4-person), $27 (6-person)
  • Total Weekly Cost: $89.94 (2-person), $179.88 (4-person) , $269.82 (6-person)

Gluten-Free Meal Plan

The same delicious recipes prepared by renowned chefs without the gluten. This plan includes three gluten-free meals per person, per week. The cost is the same as the Carnivore meal plan, and shipping is $9 per box.

Gluten-Free Meal Plan Specifics

  • People Fed: 2, 4, or 6
  • Total Dinners: 3
  • Price Per Meal: $13.49
  • Price Per Week: $80.94 (2-person), $161.88 (4-person), $242.82 (6-person)
  • Shipping: $9 (2-person), $18 (4-person), $27 (6-person)
  • Total Weekly Cost: $89.94 (2-person), $179.88 (4-person) , $269.82 (6-person)

Paleo Meal Plan

Grain-free dishes loaded with protein and vegetables for those living a Paleo lifestyle. At $14.99 per meal, this is the most expensive of all of the Green Chef meal plans. This plan includes three meals per person per week, and shipping is $9 per box.

Paleo Meal Plan Specifics

  • People Fed: 2, 4, or 6
  • Total Dinners: 3
  • Price Per Meal: $14.99
  • Price Per Week: $89.94 (2-person), $179.88 (4-person), $269.82 (6-person)
  • Shipping: $9 (2-person), $18 (4-person), $27 (6-person)
  • Total Weekly Cost: $98.94 (2-person), $197.88 (4-person) , $296.82 (6-person)

Vegan Meal Plan

Mouthwatering plant-based dishes for vegan diners. This plan is the same price as the omnivore package at $11.99 per meal. The plan includes three weekly meals per person, and shipping is $9 per box.

Vegan Meal Plan Specifics

  • People Fed: 2, 4, or 6
  • Total Dinners: 3
  • Price Per Meal: $11.99
  • Price Per Week: $71.94 (2-person), $143.88 (4-person), $215.82 (6-person)
  • Shipping: $9 (2-person), $18 (4-person), $27 (6-person)
  • Total Weekly Cost: $80.94 (2-person), $161.88 (4-person), $242.82 (6-person)

Green Chef Shipping and Delivery

Green Chef charges a shipping fee of $9 per box. Two-person meal plans include one box per week, four-person meal plans include two boxes per week, and six-person meal plans include three boxes per week. When completing the payment and checkout processes, the customer can choose the delivery date he or she prefers. The box is then delivered between 8 a.m. and 8 p.m., on the desired day.

Customers can skip any number of deliveries and are not committed to a shipment schedule. However, if a customer wishes to skip a delivery, it must be canceled by 12p.m. EST, seven days before the scheduled delivery day. All cancelations and delivery modifications can be made through the account management section of the company’s website.

Green Chef currently delivers throughout the United States, excluding Alaska, Hawaii, and limited areas of Wisconsin and Minnesota.

What’s in the Box?

All Green Chef boxes are carefully packed, so the ingredients arrive at the customer’s door fresh and pre-measured. The box includes three easy-to-follow recipes and all of the ingredients for three balanced meals per person. Many of the ingredients have been prepped while others come in the pre-prepped form.

All of Green Chef’s packaging is made from reusable, recyclable, and/or compostable materials. The company claims to use the most eco-friendly packaging available. The 100-percent recycled cardboard box and insulation can be recycled again, and the ice packs are reusable.

Meal Options

Green Chef Meal Options

Green Chef’s meal options are based on the customer’s diet. The menus range from the standard Omnivore Menu to the Vegetarian Menu, Carnivore Menu, Gluten-Free Menu, Paleo Menu, and Vegan Menu.

Menu for the Week

The customer can choose from a weekly menu of dishes, which varies based on the meal plan chosen. Green Chef offers six weekly meal options for the Omnivore, Carnivore and Vegetarian meal plan subscribers. Three of the six are vegetable based and three include meats. Green Chef also offers three weekly meal options for the Paleo Meal Plan, and three weekly options for the Vegan Meal Plan.

Standard Omnivore Menu

This menu features hand-picked seasonal ingredients that are organic and sustainable.

The following are two examples from the Omnivore menu:

Buffalo-Blue Chicken Bowl with Carrots, Pickled Peppers, Fresh Avocado and Quinoa
Veggie Paella with Spanish-style Tofu, Tapenade and Arborio Rice

Vegetarian Menu

The Vegetarian menu features unique vegetable-based dishes that are rich in nutrients. The vegetarian dishes can be chosen from the standard weekly menu.

The following are two examples of Green Chef’s vegetarian meals:

Sweet Potato Croquettes with Orange-collard Slaw, and Veggie-Studded Quinoa
Arugula-Pistou Pasta with Cauliflower, Snap Peas, Tomatoes, and Summer Squash

Carnivore Menu

The Carnivore menu features nourishing meals with land or sea-based meats. Customers can choose these dishes from the standard weekly menu.

The following are two examples of Green Chef’s carnivore meals:

Chili-lime Rainbow Trout with Jicama Hash, Collard Greens, and Chimichurri Sauce
Strawberry Balsamic Steak with Sauteed Squash, Kale Salad, and Lemon Goat Cheese

Gluten-Free Menu

Customers who choose the Gluten-Free menu can select from the standard menu and pay a slightly higher price to have the dishes made without gluten.

Paleo Menu

The Paleo menu features grain-free dishes loaded with high-quality proteins and fresh, seasonal vegetables.

The following are two examples of Green Chef’s Paleo meals:

Basil Chicken Fettuccine with Rainbow Carrots, Blistered Tomatoes, and Basil “Pesto”
Hoisin Glazed Steak with Sesame-Orange Slaw and Roasted Kimchi Veggies

Vegan Menu

Customers who choose the vegan menu receive carefully-planned, satisfying plant-based dishes.

The following are two examples of Green Chef’s vegan meals:

Black Bean-Edamame Pasta with Strawberry, Jicama, Avocado and Fresh Mint
Ginger-Sesame Tempeh Bowl with Supergrains, Broccoli, Green Beans, Kale, and Cashews


Green Chef Recipes

Green Chef’s recipes are designed for customers to enjoy simple meals with fresh, organic ingredients. The recipes are always healthy and chef-crafted.

Recipe Cards

Green Chef’s recipe cards feature large, full-color photos to help customers understand the ingredients, the cookware needed to prepare the meal, and how to plate the dish properly. Step-by-step instructions with photos make preparing meals easy for everyone from novice cooks to experienced at-home chefs.

Recipe Difficulty

Green Chef’s recipes are designed to help home cooks create restaurant-quality meals quickly and easy. Our review of Green Chef revealed that the company’s recipes are some of the easiest meal delivery recipes to prepare.

More Info

Green Chef Notables

Green Chef is a meal delivery program that’s easy to follow, whether you’re preparing a recipe, changing a delivery date, or updating your account settings.

Michael Joseph, a Maryland native with a passion for quality food, is the founder and CEO of Green Chef. Executive Chef Dana Murrell is an acclaimed Colorado-based chef now creating inspiring dishes for Green Chef.

Company Address:

Green Chef Corporation
6400 Broadway #6
Denver, CO 80221

Contact Number: (888) 236-7295

Food Quality and Source

During our review of Green Chef, we found that certified organic ingredients used by the company are sustainably sourced and do not include artificial ingredients, growth hormones, antibiotics, genetically modified organisms or synthetic pesticides. Green Chef is certified organic by California Certified Organic Farmers (CCOF).

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